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In your notebook, complete sentences 1-6 with the correct form of the words in brackets. Do not change the order of the words in brackets. If necessary, add other words to make logical and grammatically correct sentences. You can use a maximum of five words including the words provided. 1 When I was young, I (use/enjoy/run) half-marathons, but now I hardly do any sport at all.
2 You >< (could / tell / I) about the exam - 1 didn't know it was today!
3 The singer >< (perform / years) before she was offered a recording contract
4 I think she should >< (sue/press/ libel) after the stories they printed about her.
5 We could go and explore the town, although on >< (second / thoughts / supposed) to check with our parents before we leave the hotel.
6 She went to find the tour guide half an hour ago, so she >< (should/speak) by now.

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Język angielski

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Awatar autora: Dominik
Z wykształcenia anglista. Lubię dobrą kawę i książki Stephena Kinga.
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