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Complete the sentences with the missing words. The first letters have been given. Use the definitions in brackets to help you.
In this activity you are graded on capitalization (lowercase and UPPERCASE).
Example: i think james isn't fun. I think James isn't fun.
My mum always goes for a casual (not formal) look unless she's attending an important meeting.

1. Our visit to the museum was very __________ (filled with information). We learned a lot
about the ancient world.

2. If you want to _____ (do well) in business you must put all of your energy into it.

3. Celia seems like a _____ (not deep or serious) person because she's always laughing, but actually she thinks about very serious issues.

4. Torn jeans are out of ______________ (popularity) at the moment, but I'm sure they'll become popular again.

5. Trevor is so_____ (having an extremely high opinion of one's appearance)! He can't pass a mirror without stopping to admire himself.

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Język angielski

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Awatar autora: Aneta
Lektorka języka angielskiego z 4-letnim doświadczeniem. Wolny czas często spędza grając w tenisa stołowego lub oglądając anglojęzyczny serial.
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