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25 marca 2019
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Przeczytaj tekst i zaznacz, czy zdania 1–5 są prawdziwe (T) czy fałszywe (F).

The fastest animal on land is the cheetah. It can run up to 100 kph (kilometres per hour)

over short distances. The fastest dog – the greyhound – can run up to 70 kph. Gentoo

penguins are one of the fastest underwater animal swimmers. They can swim at an impressive

speed of 36 kph. Kangaroos are very fast animals too. A comfortable speed for a kangaroo is

about 21–26 kph when it moves slowly looking for food and water but it can be much faster,

up to 56 kph. A kangaroo can also jump 3.1 metres!

The world’s fastest person is a Jamaican runner, Usain Bolt. His world record for 100 metres

is 9.58 seconds. He can run about 44 kph! The world’s fastest swimmer is an American, Michael

Phelps. In the Olympic Games in 2012, he needed 51.21 seconds to swim 100 metres. That’s

about 7 kph. The world’s highest jumper is a Cuban sportsman, Javier Sotomayor. His highest

jump is 2.45 metres. Sloths are the slowest animals in the world. They are very easygoing, they

just sit in the trees all day. They go down the tree only once a week. Sloths are very cute and quiet,

but when they are in danger, they make a loud noise and can be aggressive. They’re good swimmers

too. Do you know how slow the world’s slowest person is?

1. Gentoo penguins are slower than greyhounds. T/F

2. Usain Bolt is faster than the gentoo penguin. T/F

3. Kangaroos are slower on land than Michael Phelps is in water. T/F

4. Kangaroos never run faster than 26 kph. T/F

5. Sloths are always quiet. T/F

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