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28 marca 2019
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Uzupełnij poniższe zdania wpisując w każdą lukę wyraz, który utworzysz od wyrazu podanego obok, tak aby otrzymać
logiczne i gramatycznie poprawne zdanie. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność ortograficzna wpisywanych wyrazów. W
arkuszu maturalnym zadanie tego typu zawiera zwykle 4 zdania. Za każde poprawne rozwiązanie przyznaje się 0,5 pkt.

1. The boy's imagination was full of______________________figures like Scott of the Antarctic, the Vikings and Benjamin Franklin. (HISTORY)

2. In______________________I began a long search for strange and radical ideas. (ADOLESCENT)

3. He would spend long evenings in learned______________________with clever people. (DISCUSS)

4. He was ready to impress his peers with his profound______________________of existentialism. (KNOW)

5. I have a pile of nice books by my bed and I'm reading about six______________________ (SIMULTANEOUS)

6. Despite its obvious______________________function the castle was successfully captured many times. (DEFEND)

7. The treasure had been______________________in a nearby church. (HID)

8. After the third attack on her house she knew that it was more than just ______________________ (COINCIDE)

9. His injury was a result of the employer's______________________ (NEGLECT)

10. The______________________of martial arts films has turned Jackie Chan into an international superstar. (POPULAR)

11. Many martial arts______________________play Mortal Combat and Street Fighters in front of TV screen in their living room. (ENTHUSIASM)

12. The softer disciplines like aikido can help people who are______________________or under a lot of stress. (ANXIETY)

13. From the______________________, dance like moves of t'ai chi and capoeira to the explosive fighting styles of kung fu and karate. (GRACE)

14. The country has faced years of______________________after communism's fall. (AUSTERE)

15. Their design is based on a fragment found during archeological ______________________of the Rose Theatre in 1989. (EXCAVATE)

16. The novel's one-______________________characters discouraged me from further reading. (DIMENSION)

17. Members are not allowed to cross the lines, thus ensuring that debates are kept______________________ (ORDER)

18. Abruptly the ground fell away from our feet, an______________________void opened before us. (AWE)

19. How much longer can we view animals as mere dumb beasts that we can kill and______________________ at our will? (TREAT)

20. She still manages to bring a______________________enthusiasm and energy to her work. (YOUTH)

21. This building needs______________________, it looks very old fashioned. (MODERN)

22. Take a.______________________and wipe off the dust. (CLOTHES)

23. Considering the quality, this exquisite vase is quite.______________________ (EXPENSIVE)

24. Mary never______________________in completing the course. (SUCCESS)

25. John's arrival was quite______________________I was surprised. (EXPECT)

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