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25 marca 2019
27 marca 2019
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Dopasuj wyrazy 1,2,3,4,5,6 do a,b,c,d,e,f np 1a tak , aby utworzyć wyrażenia z tekstu.

1. air
2. bike
3. emergency
4. speed
5. residential
6. car
a. vehicle
b. street
c. exhaust
d. lane
e. limit
f. pollution


1. Some cities around the world are temporarily closing roads to cars and only allowing people on foot and on bikes to use them. They are doing this to allow key workers to travel easily to work and to keep people in coronavirus lockdown healthy and active. Many city parks are closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and this is limiting people’s access to outdoor space. Traffic has dropped around the world, but there are more speeding drivers, which is a danger to people walking and cycling.

2. Air pollution, including from car exhausts, can be particularly dangerous for people with Covid-19. With narrow pavements full of pedestrians and miles of empty roads, lower speed limits, closing residential streets to prevent so many drivers using them, introducing emergency cycleways and building more footpaths are some possible solutions.

3. In Philadelphia, they closed 4.7 miles of a wide riverside road to cars on 20 March, after footpaths became full of residents seeking their daily exercise. Minneapolis has closed part of its riverfront parkways to cars. Denver has introduced pop-up cycling and walking lanes to help people socially distance while exercising. Oakland is planning to close 74 miles of roads – 10% of the city’s total – to cars.

4. In Vancouver, Canada, Stanley Park is now for cycling and walking only to prevent congestion and stop visitors arriving by car and parking dangerously, after a 40% increase in park users. In Winnipeg, four streets are for cycling and walking only from 8am to 8pm daily, and in Calgary, traffic lanes are only for cycling.

5. Budapest has experienced a reduction in bus use by almost 90%, with a 50% reduction in road traffic. They have now planned a cycling network on main roads. Sydney, Perth and Adelaide in Australia, Chapel Hill in the US and Calgary in Canada are some of the cities that have made pedestrian crossings automatic in some districts so that people do not have to press a button.

6. In Berlin, several streets have new, wide bike lanes instead of some car lanes. Bogotá has replaced 35km of traffic lanes with new emergency bike lanes as an alternative to people using public transport. In late March, 130km of temporary bike lanes were suggested in Mexico City. In the meantime, a 1.7km temporary lane, running from 8am to 7pm, has been installed on a major road.

7. But in the UK, things are very different. In London, traffic has reduced by 63% on main roads. But, they say that emergency bike routes on the city’s main roads would not protect cyclists without complex junction improvements. This would require builders to travel during lockdown.

8. Hackney is the first part of the UK openly planning to temporarily close some of its streets while still allowing emergency vehicles and residents to use them. Councillor Jon Burke said pedestrians stepping into the road to socially distance from one another are in danger from speeding drivers. “We are running around making sure people have enough food, but we aren’t doing something about the 40,000 people that are dying each year because of air pollution,” he says. “We haven’t got weeks to deliver it. We need to deliver it now because this crisis is happening now.”

9. Dr Rachel Aldred, of the University of Westminster, says the UK could learn from other countries. “It feels like other countries are treating cycling as a proper mode of transport. Here, there’s no guidance from the government. I think if they can do it in Bogotá, which is a very complicated city with a lot of problems, you could imagine London doing something similar,” she said.10 Transport engineer Brian Deegan says 20mph streets, bikes for key workers and emergency cycle routes

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