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1 kwietnia 2019


około 2 godziny temu


około 2 godziny temu
1 kwietnia 2019
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Put the paragraphs in the correct order and answer the questions.


What does it mean right? Start by overcoming this fear of confrontation.

Everybody has the right to speak their mind. Just remember that expressing

your feelings does not mean attacking people. Be respectful and avoid accusations.

Instead of saying 'you're being unfair, say I don't understand why you're treating

me like this'. That way a parent or a teacher does not feel like you're

questioning their authority.


Finally, when you have the other side all to yourself, how do you win the argument?

First of all, prepare. Make a list of your arguments, but also try to foresee the arguments

of the other side and come up with logical counterarguments. Never raise your voice.

And always keep in mind that arguing is a negotiation where you try to reach a compromise

that satisfies both sides.


Does this sound familiar? You feel that your parents or your

teachers have treated you unfairly, so you voice your complaints, and they don't listen.

Everything ends with people yelling at each other and everybody being angry with

everybody else. Conflict creates a bad atmosphere, which is why many people often

avoid confrontation because they are afraid of the consequences. This is actually

the wrong way to think about it. Arguing is in fact good as it clears the air. You just

have to do it right, and you'll get what you want.


Once you feel you can present your arguments calmly and politely,

pick the right time and place for it. Teachers, believe it or not, are also human.

If they feel attacked in front of the class, they will try to defend their position

of power. Similarly, if you approach your parents when they're busy, they may

just get annoyed. Pick a moment when they can  focus on you.


Yet, despite all these rules, it is just impossible to keep calm.

Then discussions turn into heated arguments and later a fight, and everybody's

mad at everybody. If so, give it time. Stop yelling and go to your room to cool off.

And then, try again. Apologise if you've said something hurtful – it's a great starting

point for a new discussion. Just think of all the above rules,

and don't let it turn into another fight!


Answer the questions

1 How to best present your point of view without having the other person feel like you question their authority?

2 What do 'negotiations' and a 'compromise that satisfies both sides' imply?

3 What is meant by 'clears the air'?

4 What is the best time for difficult conversations with adults? Why?

5 When and why should you walk away from a discussion?

około 2 godziny temu
1 kwietnia 2019
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