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Dlaczego tundra jest obszarem bezleśnym?

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2 kwietnia 2019
Język angielski

Fill in the correct form of the verb.  
1. When we reach Land’s End we ____________________ 1,500 km. (walk)
2. I just remembered that I ____________________ the rent yet. I’m surprised that the landlord ____________________ me up and reminded me. (not pay, not ring)
3. It’s a beautiful drive. I am sure you ____________________ the scenery. (enjoy)
4. The car ____________________. If you get in Tom and I ____________________ you a push. (not start, give)
5. I put the five-pound notes into one of the books; but the next day it ____________________ me ages to find it because I ____________________ which book I ____________________ it in. (take, forget, put)
6. He ____________________ the bagpipes since six this morning. He ____________________. (play, just stop)
7. My son ____________________ work yet. He’s still at High School. – How long ____________________ at school? - He ____________________ there for six years. Before that he ____________________ five years at primary school. (not start, he be, be, spend)
8. Mary: I wonder what he ____________________ now. Ann: Well, his girlfriend ____________________ from Japan too, so I suppose he ____________________ Japanese. (say, come, speak)
9. When I first met him he ____________________ architecture. (study)
10. While we ____________________ someone ____________________ into the house and ___________________us this note. (fish, break, leave)
11. It won’t be easy to get out of the country .The police ____________________ all of the ports. (watch)
12. If I catch some fish, ____________________ them for me? (you cook)
13. He ____________________ to come. (not forget)
14. It ____________________ for the last two hours so the game ____________________ (rain, be postponed)
15. When I ____________________ him he ____________________ a picture of his wife. – ____________________ it? (see, paint, you like)
16. The car had nobody in it but the engine ____________________. (run)
17. Tom can’t have the newspaper now because his aunt ____________________ it. (read)
18. This shop ____________________ for good next Monday. (close)
19. Where ____________________ tonight? – I ____________________ out with Peter. (you go, go)
20. At 3 a.m. Jane ____________________ up her husband and said that she ____________________ that someone ____________________ to get into the house. (wake, think, try)

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