🎓 Wypisz po dwie nazwy przedmiotów, które mają kształt koła i okręgu. - Odrabiamy.pl

 -  szkoła podstawowa

 -  szkoła podstawowa

Wypisz po dwie nazwy przedmiotów, które mają kształt koła i okręgu.

odpowiedziała na to pytanie

Kształt koła ma: 

  • znak drogowy "zakaz wjazdu" 

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25 marca 2019
1 kwietnia 2019
1 kwietnia 2019
Język angielski

Uzupełnij zdania używając form z will, shall, going to i czasu Present Simple lub Present Continuous:

1. Look! The wedding cake ______________________ (fall)!
2. The summer term ________________________ (start) on February 16th.
3. I ____________________ (kill) you if you ever touch my wife!
4. I have already decided, Mum – I _______________________ (study) medicine.
5. Where ___________ we _______________ (go) on holiday this year?
6. We __________________ (have) lunch with my in-laws on Monday.
7. Next week, I __________________ (organise) a housewarming party. Do you want to come?
8. ____________ we ____________ (go) for a walk?
9. The Cup Final __________________ (be) on May 7th.
10. What time _______________ you ________________ (arrive) in Helsinki?
11. I think they ____________________ (find) a cure for cancer.
12. Are you aware of the fact that Tom ________________ (be) 50 next Friday?
13. Be careful! The floor is slippery! You ____________________ (slip).
14. My daughter ____________________ (be) a singer when she grows up.
15. I’m too tired to walk. I guess I ____________________ (have) a taxi.
16. I _____________________ (meet) him at the station at 5. He’ll be wearing a black suit and a pink scarf.
17. A: Why are you carrying this ladder? B: I ______________________ (pick) some apples from the tree.
18. I’ve got the tour details. We ______________________ (spend) three days in Rome.
19. _________________ you _____________________ (pick up) the phone, please?
20. The forecast says temperatures _______________________ (rise) to thirty degrees.
21. Bianca _______________________ (fail) her exam as she didn’t answer a single question.
22. We __________________________ (celebrate) our 5th anniversary next Saturday.
23. I hope he ______________________ (manage) to have his TV set mended.
24. John __________________________ (see) me off at the station tomorrow. It’s very nice of him.
25. Our team probably ______________________ (not win) the match.

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