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Język polski
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"Włóczykij" jaki formant, rdzeń i podstawa słowotwórcza

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1 kwietnia 2019
Język angielski

Complete the sentences with appropriate words. Put one word in each space.
1. I never wear this jacket. It’s too small and it ____________ not fit me.
2. How long ____________ you known Peter?
3. How ____________ your weekend? Did you do anything interesting?
4. I’m still busy with my homework. I haven’t finished it ____________.
5. On the way to the airport I realised that I ____________ forgotten my passport.
6. I’d like to know ____________ you’ve got these jackets in a bigger size.
7. I think that doing some sport is much more exciting ____________ playing computer games.
8. You ____________ not allowed to park here. There’s a big ‘NO PARKING’ sign.
9. After the accident, he ____________ taken to hospital in an ambulance.
10. She’s been a teacher at our school ____________ many years.
11. You seem to know this city very well. How ____________ times have you been here?
12. Excuse me, ____________ do I get to the railway station from here?
13. I can’t ____________ doing the washing-up! I really hate it!
14. My timetable has changed and now I ____________ to get up earlier on Mondays.
15. She gave ____________ skiing last year because she was having problems with her knees.
16. Will you take ____________ of my cat while I’m on holiday, please?
17. ____________ my opinion, you should try to find another job.
18. I wouldn’t choose this option because it looks ____________ interesting than the other ones.
19. She didn’t go camping with us because ____________ her illness.
20. ____________ of all, it might be really dangerous. Besides this, it’s a really expensive activity.

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2 kwietnia 2019
22 marca 2019