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Wybierz poprawne odpowiedzi: 1. Have you heard that Mark and Jane are ... Saturday's party? Are you coming? a) blowing b) launching c) blasting D) firing
2. I don't know what it … to be as popular with girls as my brother is. a) takes b) uses c) demands d) waits
3. You must shout, otherwise he won't hear you. He's … of hearing. a) short b) lack c) deaf d) hard
4. First, he said he was going to help us out and then he …his promise. We'll never ask him again. a) stood up to b) downplayed c) made up for d) returned to the game
5. Adam says the stereo set that he's bought doesn't … his expectations. a) deliver b) meet c) supply d) receive
6. Surprisingly, the doctor said he wasn't … of helping us in that case. a) suitable b) experienced c) useful d) capable
7. Potatoes make a … diet in Poland. a) standing c) staple b) stable d) standard
8. Don't be so stubborn. Your obstinacy may only ... to further trouble. a) lead b) cause c) result d) direct
9. Algebra isn't my cup of tea. I haven't got the … idea how to solve the problem. a) faintest b) weakest c) smallest d) slightest
10. You're right. Betty and Sara look alike. You can easily …. one for the other. a) differentiate b) exchange c) mistake d) vary

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