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1. They asked me ______ to become a scientist in the future. a) was i going b) if i was going c) if i am going
2. The detective asked her what time _____ home that evening. a) she had left b) had she left c) did she leave
3. I asked the official what ____ to solve the problem of vandalism. a) is the council doing b) the council was doing c) was the council doing
4. The journalist asked her _____ some questions. a) could she answer b) if she can answer c) if she could answer
5. I asked my friend ____ a wild animal. a) if he had ever touched b) has he ever touched c) had he ever touched
6. At the book launch party, Victoria came to me and asked ___ a good time. a) if i have b) was i having c) if i was having
7. The manager asked me why ____ my report. a) i hadn't done b) hadn't i done c) didn't i do
8. The ski instructor asked her group ____ to ski down the slope one last tame. a) if hey want b) if they wanted c) do they want
9. Marty emailed me and asked _____ to the concert. a) will come b) if i would come c) if i am coming
10. Meghan asked me ____ going to the gym or not. a) whether was i b) whether i am c) whether i was

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