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Wybierz a b lub c. 1. Mr. Harrington asked me to tell you he is ____________ his committee meeting due to a health problem.
A cancelling B cataloguing C distributing 2. ____________ is the business of buying and selling goods and services on the Internet.
A Customer service B E-commerce C Business class 3. The key to a successful deal is to know when to ____________ down.
A go B back C keep 4. The products from our factory are ____________ only by retailers.
A distributed B bickered C maintained 5. The contract has been recognised as ____________ acceptable. Both parties agreed to the suggested terms.
A friendly B double C mutually 6. We sent numerous notices but they never managed to reach the ____________.
A recipient B sender C address 7. The hotel we stayed in had plenty of ____________, such as a spa, pool and sauna.
A attachments B amnesties C amenities 8. I’d like to ____________ it to your attention that in two weeks’ time we’re starting the most important campaign in our company’s history.
A get B move C bring 9. I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t have your name in our customer ____________ .
A demand B service C base 10. Jonathan asked them for a ____________ but they ignored his request as he hadn’t kept the receipt.
A retake B reservation C refund

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