🎓 Possessives Is this teddy (you)? No, it's (she). This is (he) hat . That one is (she). This is (they) goat. The goat ate (it) food. (They) house is big. (We) is very small. This is (I) seat. That one is (you). Can I use (you) racket? (I) is broken. (He) dog is at the vet. Because it has hurt (it) tail. (I) car is very good. But (you) is better. This is (they) street. (We) is over there. (She) dress is red. (I) is blue. - Odrabiamy.pl

Język angielski
 -  szkoła podstawowa

Język angielski
 -  szkoła podstawowa


Is this teddy (you)?
No, it's (she).
This is (he) hat .
That one is (she).
This is (they) goat.
The goat ate (it) food.


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Is this teddy yours?

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Język angielski

Uzupełnij zdania używając form z will, shall, going to i czasu Present Simple lub Present Continuous:

1. Look! The wedding cake ______________________ (fall)!
2. The summer term ________________________ (start) on February 16th.
3. I ____________________ (kill) you if you ever touch my wife!
4. I have already decided, Mum – I _______________________ (study) medicine.
5. Where ___________ we _______________ (go) on holiday this year?
6. We __________________ (have) lunch with my in-laws on Monday.
7. Next week, I __________________ (organise) a housewarming party. Do you want to come?
8. ____________ we ____________ (go) for a walk?
9. The Cup Final __________________ (be) on May 7th.
10. What time _______________ you ________________ (arrive) in Helsinki?
11. I think they ____________________ (find) a cure for cancer.
12. Are you aware of the fact that Tom ________________ (be) 50 next Friday?
13. Be careful! The floor is slippery! You ____________________ (slip).
14. My daughter ____________________ (be) a singer when she grows up.
15. I’m too tired to walk. I guess I ____________________ (have) a taxi.
16. I _____________________ (meet) him at the station at 5. He’ll be wearing a black suit and a pink scarf.
17. A: Why are you carrying this ladder? B: I ______________________ (pick) some apples from the tree.
18. I’ve got the tour details. We ______________________ (spend) three days in Rome.
19. _________________ you _____________________ (pick up) the phone, please?
20. The forecast says temperatures _______________________ (rise) to thirty degrees.
21. Bianca _______________________ (fail) her exam as she didn’t answer a single question.
22. We __________________________ (celebrate) our 5th anniversary next Saturday.
23. I hope he ______________________ (manage) to have his TV set mended.
24. John __________________________ (see) me off at the station tomorrow. It’s very nice of him.
25. Our team probably ______________________ (not win) the match.

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