🎓 Complete the second sentence so that is has the same meaning as the first, using the word given. Use between two and five words. 1. It's too cold to play tennis (ENOUGH) It's ......... tennis 2. I hope they choose me for the team. (CHOSEN) I want ....... for the team 3. I don't like when others tell me what to do. (TOLD). I don't like ...... what to do. 4. He likes Physics more than any other subject. (FAVOURITE) Physics ....... subject. - Odrabiamy.pl

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Complete the second sentence so that is has the same meaning as the first, using the word given. Use between two and five words.

1. It's too


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1. It's too cold to play tennis (ENOUGH)

It's not warm enough to play tennis.

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Uzupełnij e-mail czasownikami podanymi w nawiasach w odpowiedniej formie.​

Liebe Katja,
ich bin erst gestern von unserem Austausch mit der Schule aus Frankfurt (1)................ (zurückkommen) und habe sehr viel zu erzählen!
Ich kann es dir nur empfehlen, mal an einem Schüleraustausch teilzunehmen. Wie du weißt, (2)............ ​(haben) ich zuerst ein bisschen
Angst vor diesem Austausch. Ich spreche ja nicht besonders gut Deutsch. Aber trotzdem wollte ich sehen, wie das ist. Wir haben bei deutschen Familien (3) ............. (wohnen) und mussten natürlich die ganze Zeit Deutsch sprechen. Ich habe bei Steffi gewohnt. Sie hat eine tolle Familie. Wir haben jeden Abend verplaudert Manchmal auch mit Händen und Füßen! Steffi und ich haben viele gemeinsame Interessen und verstehen uns oft auch ohne Worte. Ich weiß bis heute nicht, wie wir das (4)............... (schaffen) haben, aber wir haben über alles Mögliche gesprochen. Und Steffi hat auch ein bisschen Polnisch (5) ​.................(lernen), denn im nächsten Jahr bin ich dran und Steffi (6) ​............ ​(werden) mich besuchen. Bis dahin lerne ich fleißig Deutsch und es wird glatt gehen. Ich bin total begeistert. Es ist nur schade, dass ich auf den nächsten Schüleraustausch ein ganzes Jahr warten (7)​​........... (müssen). Aber wir bleiben in Kontakt.
Steffi und ich wollen mailen, chatten und skypen. Wir müssen uns mal treffen, dann (8)​........(erzählen) ich dir alles.

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We met thanks to sport
Many years ago I used to play tennis with a man called Roger. He usually beat me but I remember how kind he was. We lost touch when I got married and I thought I’d never see him again. That was 30 years ago. When I retired last year, I needed a new activity, especially as I had also recently got divorced, so I took up golf. One day I was going around the course alone, when I saw a man, also playing on his own. When he turned round, I realized it was my old friend! We couldn’t believe it! After that we started playing regularly. Yesterday, Roger proposed in the middle of the golf course – he’d put a ring inside a golf ball! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the ring, but I said ‘yes’!
I was looking for a flatmate a few months ago because I had just split up with my partner and she had moved out. To forget her, I started working out at the gym after work. I slowly got to know Steve who was often there at the same time, although we didn’t become friends until we were both warming up one day, and he said he was looking for somewhere to live as his girlfriend had just dumped him. I told him that I had a room in my flat and that I was looking for a flatmate. He moved in two days later. We’ve become good mates and we both agree that we’re much easier to live with than our ex-girlfriends!
I had recently moved to Oxford from Bristol when I decided to run the London Marathon. I didn’t want to train alone so I advertised for a running partner at my local gym, and Harriet got in touch. We met for coffee and got on really well. It was amazing how many things we had in common, for example she had recently moved to Oxford, too. While we were getting fit we also became close friends.
Unfortunately I got injured three weeks before the race and couldn’t take part. I was sad about the race, but am delighted about my new friendship. And we’re already thinking about next year ...

Zadanie do tekstu :
Write M for Marjorie, P for Paul or L for Liz.

Example: I broke up with my partner. P
1 I used to lose my tennis matches. _____
2 I share a flat with Steve. _____
3 I didn’t like running on my own. _____
4 I was proposed to in a very unusual way. _____
5 I got to know my friend very well while we were training together. _____

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