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Dear Sally,
You won't believe where I 1) ___ next month. This time next month I 2)___ to southern California for a one - month student exchange trip. By the time I get to California, I 3)___ for 11 hours, but I have a feeling I 4)___ bored on the plane with all the great films they show.

I 5)___ forward to meeting my host family. I 6)___ at their home in Sherman Oaks which is not far from the beach. So, I 7)___ my afternoons either swimming, snorkelling or surfing. The boys go to a nearby state school, which I 8)___ during my time there.

By the end of the month, I 9)___ many of their theme parks, museums and aquaparks. I 10)___ on visiting Disneyland and Uniwersal Studios. Anyway, I certainly don't know what it'll be like until I get there. So, I promise to write to you then.
Bye for now,

1. A go B. will have gone C will have been going D am going
2. A will fly B will have flown C will be flying D will have
3. A will travel B will have been travelling C will be travelling D will be
4. A won't be B won't have been C am not being D am not
5. A will look B will have been looking C am looking D going to look
6. A will be staying B. will have stayed C going to stay D stay
7. A spend B will have spent C will be spending D going to spend
8. A attend B will have attended C will be attending D will have been
9. A will have been visiting B visit C will have visited D am visiitng
10. A will also plan B will also have planned C also going to plan D am also planning

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Lektorka języka angielskiego z 4-letnim doświadczeniem. Wolny czas często spędza grając w tenisa stołowego lub oglądając anglojęzyczny serial.

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