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Wymień trzy najważniejsze przyczyny Wiosny Ludów (1848 r.)

Polub to zadanie
  1. Niezadowolenie społeczeństw europejskich z ustaleń kongresu wiedeńskiego. 
  2. Odradzanie się dążeń niepodległościowych i ożywienie ruchu narodowowyzwoleńczego w Europie (tendencje zjednoczeniowe w Niemczech i we Włoszech).
  3. Postulaty reform społecznych - wolność prasy i zgromadzeń oraz wprowadzenie powszechnego prawa wyborczego.
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Oblicz [(8^9)^0]^3

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Język angielski

Read the text and complete gaps 1–5 with sentences a‒g. There are two extra sentences
We usually find out about crimes from the mass media.
TV, radio and all kinds of press reporters interview witnesses and police officers to write their reports. But among the huge number of journalists who write about crimes, there is a very special group. 1______ Their main job is to investigate and report on things that some people may try to hide from the public. Stories presented by this type of journalists are often about some local problems. 2______ Thanks to such stories, corrupt politicians and big companies that break the law cannot feel totally safe.
Investigative journalists often spend months collecting the necessary information to reveal a crime to the public. 3______ The interesting question here is: how do such investigative journalists gather the information they need? After all, they do not have the same power as police detectives. The truth is that some of the facts are easily available from public sources. However, the most exciting crime stories described by journalists usually involve the help of a secret informant. 4______ Journalists often protect these people by changing their personal details in their reports.
In the history of investigative journalism, there have been quite a few famous reporters whose work has allowed the public to find out about serious wrongdoings. Many of these have received important awards for their work. Here, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein from the Washington Post are probably top of the list. 5______ As a result of their investigation, President Nixon resigned from his office.

a The results of this work are often presented in a large article or even a book.
b Not surprisingly, they don’t want anybody to discover the truth.
c They are known as investigative journalists.
d That’s because people in power often use it in a wrong way.
e They became famous through revealing the Watergate scandal.
f However, they sometimes describe much more serious crimes.
g The informants are people who want the public to know what is happening somewhere.

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